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Style Studio 3.8

Style Studio: The most powerful style sheet/HTML editor available in the web

Style Studio is the most productive and powerful style sheet/HTML editor available on the net, it is simply the perfect companion of any webmaster seeking for a professional style sheet editor for quick and professional results. This version introduces many enhancements, which makes Style Studio even far superior from its competitors! Style Studio v3 introduces the following key features : CSS Validator: a powerful checking utility to detect and correct common errors. Style Manager: Easily manage, upgrade to standard compliant code (tidy) and detect CSS-related problems in your web-site. Smart Linker: Link multiple CSS documents at many HTML/XML documents at once. Property Watch: automatically detect css property (or HTML tag if you're editing an HTML document) under caret and list useful information about it . Style Indent: easily re-format your style sheets. IntelliStyle®: an IntelliSense-like technology (Style Sheets and HTML!). Browser Filter: Easy-to-use wizard which automatically detects your visitors' browsers and consequently use the right style sheet. Scrollbars Wizard and Generator: Time-saver wizard which lets you design IE 5.5+ scrollbars instantly with real-time preview ! Intuitive interface, identical to MS Office 2000/XP UI.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Style Studio can also "tidy" your web-site (or part of it) in a single automated operation using "Tidy Web-Site" tool under Manager's Tools menu


  • Style Studio cannot be used to edit XSL files
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